Table of content

Chapter 1: EJET Sourcing Company

Chapter 2: Leelinesourcing Agent

Chapter 3: Jingsourcing Company

Chapter 4: Amanda INTL Group

Chapter 5: Meeno Group

Chapter 6: Goodcantrading Company

Chapter 7: YiwuSourcing Agent

Chapter 8: Linkyiwu Sourcing Agent

Chapter 9: Union Service Company

Chapter 10: Yiwu HOPEFUL Agent

Chapter 11: Yiwu Market Guide Company

Chapter 12: Top Ease Sourcing Agent

Chapter 13: KMH Promo Company

Chapter 14: SisterSourcing Company

Chapter 15: YaChina Sourcing Agent

Chapter 16: FAQS About Yiwu


Yiwu is located in eastern China, near Shanghai, and what made the city so famous and made it a destination for all businessmen is its markets such as the Yiwu International Trade Market that is one of the largest wholesale markets for small commodities wholesale in the world as well as it Yiwu agent.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Yiwu agent, we have listed the top 15 agents on Yiwu providing one-stop Yiwu agent services for you.

Chapter 1: EJET sourcing company

As the leading sourcing agent in Yiwu is EJET Sourcing offers a one-stop solution to help you handle all aspects of sourcing products in Yiwu.

EJET Sourcing was established in 2005, However, within 13 years, it expanded its reach throughout Asia. Therefore, it is a respected sourcing agent in Yiwu with positive feedback from company clients online.

EJET can act as your supplier and chain manager by supervising a large number of factories and assisting in product design, raw material source, and production process planning.

It can also act as a business consultant by helping you select and manage your suppliers and manufacturers in Yiwu or around China. EJET’s sourcing service takes the stress out of buying from Yiwu China and makes you avoid any issues or errors that could affect your business.

EJET Sourcing will be with you through each step of the importing process to make your buying successful from Yiwu China.

Service Overview

*Sourcing From Yiwu

*Procurement Service

*Trending Product

*Amazon FBA Service

*Quality Control and Inspection

*Customize Products And Packaging

*Trade Assurance


Extra Service: Issue Invitation Letter, Hotel Booking, Airport Pick up

Chapter 2: Leelinesourcing agent

If you are looking to import from Yiwu and looking for an agent in Yiwu, Leelinesourcing is one of the agents who can serve you.

After getting your order, the company’s purchasing agent, who has been supplying for 10 years, will check the right supplier and manufacturer for you, and offer you the right prices and quality that meet your requirements.


As an agent in Yiwu, Leelinesourcing’s service fee is free you only need to submit your request, or even when you choose and have your ideal supplier for your items, the company will help and guide you during your sourcing in Yiwu.

The main goal is to ensure that you buy the right products at the best prices in the Yiwu market.

Service Overview

*Product Sourcing

*Amazon FBA Sourcing

*China Inspection Services

*China Quality Control

*Pre Shipment Inspection

*Factory Audit

*China DropShipping

Chapter 3: Jingsourcing company

As one of the best agents in Yiwu, JingSourcing helps you to find reliable factories/suppliers, get competitive prices, follow up orders, ensure quality, and deliver your items and products to the door.

The company supports Amazon sellers and helps to build their e-commerce business, and also helps international companies to grow up their business in China.


JingSourcing can help you sourcing different kind of products such as:

stationery, electronics, hardware, household, garden, toys, outdoor, clothing, etc.

Besides, the company is specialized and has years of experience in these categories of products, socks, underwear, fashion, and jewelry.

Service Overview

*Product Sourcing

*Consultant on the project

*Manufacturing solutions

*Arrange product samples, customize samples

*Follow up production

*Customize products and packaging

*Offer private-label solutions

*Photography for eCommerce

*Quality inspection

*Warehouse 2 months

*Delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight

Chapter 4: Amanda INTL Group

As Yiwu’s agent with an average of 10 years of experience in the export business, Amanda INTL Group offers the first export stop solution with an affordable commission.


Because the company serves international importers and buyers from all over the world, Amanda’s staff has over 12 different language translators to provide and assist clients in different languages ​​to guide in the markets and make the buying and selling process easier view of the Chinese language barrier that most customers cannot speak.

Service Overview


*Be your guide in Yiwu Markets and follow your orders on your behalf.

-Sourcing products

*Finding the best items for you and sourcing reliable manufacturers and suppliers to make your importing successful.

*Quality Control and Inspection

*Package Control


*Loading Container and Inspection

*Extra Service

*Issue Invitation Letter

*Hotel Booking

*Airport Pick up

Chapter 5: Meeno Group

The best sourcing agents in Yiwu always try to provide the best comprehensive solutions and services to make importing from China easier and successful, and Meeno Group is one of those sourcing agents.

With more than 5 years of experience as a sourcing agent in Yiwu Meeno provides a complete one-stop service in Yiwu China that fits customer’s needs.

meeno group sourcing company

Meeno Group source different categories of products such as:


*Daily Consumer Product

*Jewelry & Accessories




*Hardware & Tools


Service Overview

*Sourcing Products

*Quality Inspection

*Warehouse Storage

*Custom Clearance

*Ship Management

Chapter 6: Goodcantrading company

GoodCantrading is a sourcing agent with headquarters in Yiwu, China, also has an office in Guangzhou. The company has gained professionalism, experience, and integrity that allowed to offer and provides divers services for clients who want to buy and import from Yiwu China.


To meet your needs and provide you with personalized services, good can has more than 10 years of experience in the export business and about 12 different language translators help clients to communicate with us well and understand well your needs and avoid any issues in the future.

Service Overview

*Product Sourcing

*Purchasing & Translation

*Inspection & Quality Control

*Warehousing & Re-Packing

*Documents & Shipping

*Traveling Arrangement

Chapter 7: YiwuSourcing Agent

Yiwu sourcing agent belongs to Double Imp & Exp co, which is a global trading company. Limited, we provide professional services for international trade, such as sourcing/purchasing agency, translation services, export agents, etc.


Yiwu sourcing agent opened its headquarters in Yiwu China, it belongs to Double Imp & Exp co, which is a global trading company,. Ltd. which provides professional services for international trade, such as sourcing/purchasing agency, translation services, export agents, etc.

Service Overview

*Sourcing Agent

*Export Agents

*Storage Service

*Translation Service

*Airport Pick up

*Shipping agents

*Book Hotel

Chapter 8: Linkyiwu sourcing agent

As an independent third-party service provider in China, Linkywu is one of the best sourcing agents in Yiwu, the company offers many services to guide you through Yiwu Wholesale Markets and Connect you with many Suppliers and factories from Yiwu or around it to achieve the highest standards and meet customer’s needs.


Service Overview

*source great products from suppliers

*Order control

*Travel Assistance


*Quality inspection

*Factory Evaluation and Audit

*Warehousing and Re-packing

*Artwork & Photography


Chapter 9: Union Service Agent

Union Service is one member of the Sellers Union Group that was established in 2010.

The company aims to be a customer’s reliable partner in China who can provide qualified service s to their clients including products, prices, shipping, and reliable after-sales service.


Union Service main’s goal is to be your guide in Yiwu city and all over China, it will help you to Source, buy, and export your items to your country.

Service Overview

*Purchasing In China

*Import And Export Customs Clearance Services

*Logistic And Storage Service

*Products Design And Packaging

*Quality Control

*Market Research And Analysis

*Finance And Insurance Service

*Deal With The Import & Export Documents

*Agency Services

*Special Service

Chapter 10: Yiwu HOPEFUL company

Yiwu HOPEFUL as a sourcing agent in Yiwu is a professional export agent based in Yiwuwhere the largest commodity trade and distribution is concentrated.

The company makes sourcing more convenient, focusing on small commodities to help small and medium-sized businesses develop their business online, the company is involved in different services that clients can benefit from so you can save time and cost.


Their services are not only limited to Yiwu City, but we can help you do business over China.

Service Overview

*Product Sourcing,

*Purchasing And Market Orientation

*Translation And Guide

*Commodity Inspection


*Chinese Customs Declaration

*Container Loading, International Shipping (by sea or by air)

*Preparation of Customs Clearance Documents

*Hotel Reservation

*Airport Processing

Chapter 11: Yiwu market guide agent

Yiwu Market Guide is one of the other Chinese agent sourcing services located in Yiwu city. The company is providing a wide range of solutions and services that starting from sourcing products, Arranging the quality control to the shipping process, Yiwu Guide covers the client’s needs of all Yiwu markets. buyers can consider the company if they want the process to be smoother and efficient for them and avoid any issues or sourcing problems.


Service Overview

*Sourcing Product Service

*Market Orientation And Guide

*Quality Inspection

*Amazon FBA

*Shipping Service

Chapter 12: Top ease sourcing agent

Top Ease is an import and export company established in 2014, located in Yiwu Zhejiang.

The company deals with general product categories and offers a wide variety of products to its customers which making it easy for buyers who are looking to find all of the items at once.


Some of the product categories that Top Ease offer:

Toys, Kitchenware, Makeup, Garden, Garden Tools Equipment, Watering Irrigation, Pets, Pets Toys, Pets Home, Pets Grooming, Pets Clothes, Festival…

Service overview

*Guide and Translator

*Buying In China

*Credit & Insurance

*Quality Inspection

*How To Open A Store

*Products Customized

*FBA Prep Service

*FBA Shipping Service

Chapter 13: KMH promo company

KMHPromo has been a sourcing agent in Yiwu since 2002, now they have two offices in china.. the first one is located in Yiwu City and the second one is in Gu town, Guangdong, China, if you are seeking how to find the right suppliers, the right products, the right way of shipping KMH as a sourcing company Yiwu will help buyers make the buying and importing from China correctly.

The company is trying to think about how to help new buyers online and overseas so it offers many tools which any beginner may need in the future.


Service overview

*Strong Software Programs For your Order Record

*Yiwu Online Catalog To Guide You

*Big Warehouse to stock your products

*Quicken Invoice and shipping Calculator Online

*NO Commission Kickbacks

*Online Order Tracking

Chapter 14: SisterSourcing company

SisterSourcing established in 2015 by Holly Wang, it aims to help small businesses and importers overseas to source successfully from China, The company was located in Futian Market in the center of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.

As a Sourcing agent in Yiwu, SisterSourcing usually serves experienced importers but also dedicated to helping new and small businesses since the company created whatever the amount of your start.


If you are seeking for sourcing, order processing, and shipping, SisterSourcing is one of the most professional Chinese sourcing agents that can be your partner in China.

Service overview

*Product Sourcing

*Customize Samples

*Production Follow-up

*Quality Control

*Shipping (Express, Air, Sea)

*Ecommerce Supply

Chapter 15: YaChina sourcing agent

As an agent at Yiwu, YaChina helps your business to succeed whether you need help for sourcing products, shipment planning, or remote office support.

The company was established in the year 2000 allowing it to gain more experience in this field like other companies in the city, and more than 20 years of experience in helping small, medium, and large companies to expand and prosper.

If you are a buyer seeking to import products from Yiwu China you have come to the right place that offers a  sourcing service and solution to help you import successfully.


Service overview

*Sourcing Service


*Products Customized

*Shipping Service

*Other services also are available

As you know, Yiwu city is the world’s largest commodity market and Yiwu Markets are very suitable for customers with small orders and various purchases., it famous for its low price and high quality. You can easily find whatever you want at a low price.

You could get almost all the goods you need in Yiwu, there are more than 150,000 stores and 160 million kinds of products, any importer and buyer need to do proper research and choose the right Yiwu agent before any step or deal with any supplier.

Chapter 16: Frequently asked questions about Yiwu agent

frequently asked question

1. Where is Yiwu?

Yiwu, which is located in the center of Zhejiang Province has a population of over 1.2 million, is famous for trading (large or small commodities) due to the supply of its markets such as the famous market one, Yiwu international market city.

The city is a bustling city and a tourist center in the region. Although administratively affiliated with Jinhua State, it is more popular both nationally and internationally.


Yiwu is famous for being a very huge shopping center, and people from all over the world come to it to buy goods for resale, and it is considered among the best cities for trade due to the presence of many types of goods at a cheap price compared to other city markets, We can say that Yiwu Market has become a paradise for all buyers.

More than 20 markets have been distributed all over the city since 1982 when the first market was established in it, among the important markets: Yiwu international trade market, Yiwu Furniture Market, Huang Yuan Garment Market, and others.

2. What is a sourcing agent or company?

Agents in Yiwu can be individuals or a company representing a buyer looking to source products from China Or who seeking products and items that cannot get himself.

For international trade in other countries China as an example, Its agents or companies are the most part necessary for buying and importing.

Traditionally, agent-only source suppliers for his customers. But a company as EJET Sourcing our services include the choice of the right supplier, negotiations and right prices, quality control, the right way of logistics, distribution … We also offer at EJET Sourcing to support you throughout our one-stop solutions and services that we offer from sourcing to shipment.

3. Why need an agent in Yiwu?

What is a sourcing agent or company?
When it comes to sources from China in general and from Yiwu in particular, it is very difficult to find the required item, price, and right supplier.

Many people claim to be agents, but what others do not know and the most important question to ask is: Are you an agent or a company? When we talk about an agent, it might be a person but a company is a team and this is a big difference.

Some many factories and suppliers do not have the right to export or have sufficient experience to prepare the export transactions and the necessary certificates to clear the goods.

Misunderstanding often leads to errors in goods, and material losses Not knowing the factory and market areas can lead to poor planning of your business trip Being a Chinese company, we can discuss and find better prices Quality problems are a major concern, and therefore need someone who can control them.

Finding the right source is a long and cumbersome process and dealing with us saves you a lot of effort and money to ensure that you get the best prices and quality Reserving hotels at the cheapest prices, flying within China, and receiving customers from Shanghai Airport, Hangzhou or possible Arranging to pick you up from any airport in China.

4. Where can I find my Yiwu agent for my business?

– Google

Always when looking for something online the first thing we think of is search engines and Google is the best place to search. Either way, Google will provide you with useful information and choose the best websites which can be agents and companies in Yiwu. If you want a sourcing agent in Yiwu, just type in “Yiwu Agents or Agents in Yiwu” a list of website companies available to you.


– Trade Fairs in Yiwu

Besides looking for agents or companies online, you can visit trade shows in Yiwu or other cities where you can find agents and companies. If you decide to buy and import from Yiwu to China, you can go to Yiwu Fairs, Canton Fairs, Hong Kong Fair, and other fairs in other cities. However, finding and locating a fair sourcing company is more suitable for large buyers.

– Social Media

51% of people with online access currently rely on social media as a source to find what they are looking for and social media( Facebook as an example) can provide instant resources faster than any resources and can be a great wealth of information to let clients connected with any company and communicate easily also a way to verify and determine the accuracy of information about any company that you want to partner with.

After you find your agent in Yiwu, you have to ask some questions to make sure that you find the right agent, and in this video below you will learn what kind of questions you need to ask and how.

5. The pros and cons of agents in Yiwu

– Finding Chinese agents in Yiwu is a good choice to get much lower prices as they are local and know how to deal with suppliers and factories. Also, they are very professional and have more resources than foreign importers who wish to source themselves.


-Sometimes communication with suppliers is complicated and hard because of the barrier of language. Besides, the Chinese agents can handle everything on your behalf and be your eyes in the market once start sourcing your products.

– Almost importers have many different products and items from different suppliers and to put it all in one you need to choose a company that has experience in purchasing different products from different sources.

Then, if you specialize in purchasing certain categories of products, you should choose a company that specializes in that category (toy products). Specialized agents must have good sources and suppliers who can guarantee quality production that meets your requirements.

– A good agent in Yiwu will have a lot of satisfied customers, and it will be a good idea to ask their contact so that you can reach out to those satisfied customers to ask and know what the agent and the company are for and how well everything is. been followed.

6. How EJET sourcing makes sourcing from Yiwu easier?

EJET Sourcing as a Yiwu Agent do all the buying and exporting process from China to anywhere, Our services include the following services:

-Sourcing products from Yiwu markets

We always search for the most suitable source for our clients in terms of quality and price, without any costs or additional charges.

We Can Source Everything You are looking for to fit your needs

With more than 13 years of experience in the sourcing field, EJET Sourcing can help you find the right items at the right prices from the right suppliers.

Send us your quote now and let us do the rest.

-Quality control and inspection


EJET Sourcing will ensure that your items are of the highest quality. Due to our professional quality control process services, we will make everything clear and detailed, such as product photography and making videos once we start the inspection to make sure that there are no defects or shortages.

If needed, we send a sample to the customer for confirmation

-The buying  process

EJET Sourcing will be your agent in Yiwu and secure the purchase process with 100% Trade assurance that ensures the buying process, we are always in the client’s side.

-Translation and guide

We will translate the invoices and everything needed to purchase the goods and provide you with a special translator to accompany you in your visit to the suppliers and factories in Yiwu markets.

-Warehousing in Yiwu

Warehousing is one of the key points in the supply chain and choosing the right location and best infrastructure for your business needs improves operations as well as lead times.

Our company prides itself on providing conveniently located storage solutions in Yiwu, China, with numerous storage options specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers.

-Loading and shipping of goods

After sourcing, inspection, and warehousing, Shipping goods from china always take up a lot of time and effort from individuals but with EJET Sourcing we will arrange the shipping from China to your final destination, We will collect goods in a shipping container and prepare a container for export.


-Prepare an invitation

We are ready to send the invitation or any documents you need for visa application at the Chinese embassy in your country.

-Pick up from Yiwu airport

Once you arrive at Yiwu, we will be happy to meet you and pick you up from the airport under good and favorable conditions.

7. How does the agent in Yiwu work?

-Sourcing product

After getting your inquiry, we will check your product, find the right price and contact the right factory to get the right quality and calculate the shipping fee from the factory to our warehouse to check again and ensure the quality before we ship it to you.

-Give us your inquiry

After you send your inquiry and we get your request with the details of the products you are looking for, our sourcing team will start the search and contact factories to find the right sourcing place for you.

-Payment process

Submit your inquiry and use our Free service that includes product sourcing, sample arrangement, and any other Consultancy without any upfront fees.

Check more details about our Pricing.

-Amazon seller FBA

As a Yiwu agent, we provide Amazon Seller FBA service including product sourcing service, Amazon FBA Prep service, quality inspection, and labeling, FBA package packing services, product photography, and shipping to FBA warehouse c.


-Place the order

When the order is confirmed, and after receiving the first payment, we will proceed to the manufacturing process, after its completion the factory will receive the remaining amount and the goods will be collected and loaded to our warehouse after inspecting them and ensure that everything is right.

-Quality control

Upon receiving products from the factory and after checking the quality in the factory, our team will check the quality and quantity in our warehouse to make sure the product exactly matches the requirements of clients.


After we source, factory audit, double-check in the warehouse, we just need to ship your goods to the final destination.

We have many shipping methods for you to choose from. For example, shipping by expresses such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, SF express, shipping by sea or air freight.

8. Qualifying an agent by asking a few questions before you engage with

How the sourcing agent will get paid, and by which method of payment?

Will the agent in Yiwu be able to visit and check the factories before/during the production process?

Can the sourcing company offer and provide referrals or testimonials from satisfied customers who are using their services as old clients?

Do they do quality control and inspections by the same agent? Or do they hire a third-party to that?

Will they provide an update and week report every week on the production process and phase?

Can the agent share its management system with you? You need to ensure that they have a process in place because many sourcing agents do not follow any set procedures.

will they offer a guarantee and trade assurance in case supplier scams or any issues can be shown during the sourcing, buying, or even the shipment?

Is the sourcing agent located in the area where your products will be sourced or just have resources there?

If you keep re-ordering the same products from the same sources, will you pay less for his services after the first order?

-Agent service fee

With EJET Sourcing you can start your sourcing from Yiwu for free using our free service that can offer you:

Product sourcing

Quotation within 48 hours

1v1 service

Sample arrangement


For more details about EJET’s pricing please don’t hesitate to check our sourcing pricing.

9. Why EJET sourcing can be my Yiwu agent?

We prefer that you have money when you come to China because all Yiwu transactions are in a local currency, so you need an agent to help you buy the goods, but your expenses can be withdrawn through Master or Visa Card from most Yiwu banks.

10. What distinguishes Yiwu from other cities?

Yiwu has the largest wholesale market in the world for small commodities, with 65,000 shops, which makes it an ocean of various commodities.

As an agent in Yiwu, we can help you to buy small quantities of each type to suit the size of your local market.

11. As an agent in Yiwu, can you provide free samples?

We can offer free samples if we get them for free, but you are responsible for the courier cost.

12. How about the payment process if you are my Yiwu agent?

When the order is confirmed, you pay 30% to our company account, and upon completion of the manufacturing process you transfer the remaining amount, and then the goods are collected, loaded, and sent the shipping papers.

13. Why do i need an agent in Yiwu?

Misunderstanding with the supplier, lack of knowledge of factory and market areas, quality, and shipping problems often leads to fatal errors that no buyer needs to face in their business proposition.

Our mission is to provide all the services you need to avoid all these problems as possible so you need someone who can control this process from sourcing to shipping and EJET Sourcing as an agent in Yiwu is the best solution.

14. Why can EJETsourcing be my Yiwu agent?

-We have long sourcing experience since 2005.

With more than 13 years of experience in sourcing, EJET’s staff are well experienced and trained to handle all your needs in Yiwu.

-We are a company of transparency in dealing with clients and suppliers.

Instead of other agents in Yiwu. with EJET, pricing is always kept transparent to the clients, and No hidden charge, ordeals under the table with suppliers.

-We streamline the whole process to be as efficient as possible.

Fulfilling our client’s deadlines is always our goal, we have exported thousands of products to many countries and we understand how to handle the customs requirements of many countries.

-Flexibility to meet our client’s needs.

EJEtT Sourcing offer tailored solutions and services to meet any of your unique requirements, tell us your needs and we will do the rest on your behalf.

15. The different markets in Yiwu

-Yiwu international trade market city

The Yiwu International Trade Market City or also called the Futian Market is one of the biggest markets in China that covers an area of ​​3269  with 5 different districts that can offer and provide different categories of products that can fit your needs.

yiwu international market city

The market is divided into five main big districts as the following:

1. District 1

In the first district, there are nearly 10,000 suppliers providing goods mainly on the first, second, and third floors from “A” to “E”, the market offer products such as ornament accessories, toys, spare parts, and artificial flowers, jewelry, and ceramics, hair ornaments, decorations and frames, crafts, tourist handicrafts and all kinds that related to tourist items, also items related to all kinds of weddings and various ceremonies.

2. District 2

From section “F” to “G” – we offer a variety of products such as all kinds of umbrellas, bags, rainwear, suitcases, raincoats, poly bags in the first flour, lock, electrical items, Hardware Tools, and Fittings in the second floor, home appliance, electronics and digital items,  battery, lamps, and flashlights in the third floor, Telecommunication Equipment, Clocks & Watches vehicles, a wide variety of wrist and wall clocks, tools and household appliances, equipment. Telecommunications, photographic supplies, and other accessories on the fourth floor.

3. District 3

District 3 consists of four floors with over 6000 standard booths, from section “H” you provide many products such as ballpoint pens and different types of inks, newspaper papers, office supplies and stationery, sports equipment and supplies in the second flour, cosmetics, clothes zippers, and buttons, mirrors in the third and fourth floor.

4. District 4

District 4 consists of five floors, no less than 20,000 stalls displaying a lot of small items and products such as display socks on the first floor, gloves, and other knitted products on the second floor, daily consumables, shoes, posters, towels on the third floor, wool Underwear, belts, and scarves on the fourth floor, a manufacturing outlet center, and a tourist shopping center on the fifth floor.

5. District 5

This district has more than 8000 booths, mainly imported goods on the first floor, bedding on the second floor, textiles and knitting materials on the third floor, and auto accessories on the fourth floor.

The city also contains the necessary equipment for central adaptation, transportation networks, and special systems for electronic commerce

-Huang Yuang clothing wholesale market

Huang Yuang clothing wholesale Market is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province that was opened in the year 1992 and the area is about 160 thousand square meters, and it is divided into many parts so that the number of stores and stalls in it reaches about one hundred and fifty thousand with several visitors estimated at 3000 per day.

huang yuang

There are many different products available in the market and it has varieties such as stationery, office and school supplies, sports equipment and supplies, household daily use products, industrial tools and supplies, electronic devices and their supplies, and other products.

-Yiwu wholesale flower and plant market

The flower and plant market in Iwu covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with a capital of 160 million RMB, and is considered one of the most important agricultural markets in China, and it contains many varieties of fruits, rice, vegetables, sugar cane, and livestock food. Within the market, many antique shops offer many handicrafts, drawings, wood and stone carvings, etc., and it contains many stalls that attract customers from all regions and countries, you can buy many plants and roses to decorate your offices.

-Yiwu furniture market

Yiwu Furniture Market is the most viewed market by foreigners due to the ideal shopping environment, after-sales services, diversity of the offered furniture, and its reasonable prices.


The market area is 1.6 million square meters, with an investment of 250 million, and it is the largest market in Zhejiang Province, and it is one of the best markets in terms of class, shopping environment, and services.

In the market there are all varieties and all kinds of quality, there is the first toast, black and regular. On the first floor of the market, there are office furniture, sofa, glass, and rattan furniture. On the second floor, you will find the children’s suite. The third floor contains mahogany furniture, solid wood furniture and, the furniture is on the European approach, and the fourth floor has a large space for furniture as well. The fifth floor contains accessories and a decor company, and there is a huge car park below the market.

-Bing Wang market

With an area of 320 thousand square meters divided into seven parts, the Bing Wang market was opened in the year of 1995 to become one of the three famous markets in Yiwu city.

This market consists of several floors with 90 thousand shops, and the number of workers in this market is estimated at 20 thousand employees, and the market contains many different products and items such as underwear, wool, fabrics of various kinds, neckties, leather, towels, tools and cosmetics, furnishings, foods and dried fruits, many varieties of sweets, lace and bed linens.


Whether you are in the habit of importing from china or you are a new importer, you will undoubtedly quickly find that outsourcing is not always as easy as it seems to many buyers.

The quality of the products may differ from what the buyers request and expect,  the delivery times are sometimes delayed when the supplier fails to deliver the goods and items on time, and the certificates are lost upon import,  all are factors standing in front of every buyer who wants to import products from China, and for this reason, we remind you to find a reliable agent who can deal with all these issues and there’s no more reliable sourcing in Yiwu than EJET Sourcing.