When visiting China for a business trip, don’t forget to enjoy Yiwu entertainment. Other than being the world’s largest wholesale market with over 2,000 different categories of products, the city also offers various attraction for visitors.

With its blossoming cherry trees, lively night markets and a plethora of eating places, there are many things to enjoy in the Yiwu city

So, when visiting the town for your business, you can also spend some memorable time. Therefore, this blog guides you about how to make the best of your time enjoying Yiwu entertainment. 

Chapter 1: Yiwu Night Market

One of the best Yiwu entertainment city is Yiwu Night Market with a special scenery of Yiwu. When night comes, the night market in Yiwu will become the most crowded and busiest place. So, don’t miss your chance to pay a visit and enjoy a lively experience.

Here is how to enjoy at the Yiwu night markets. 

1) What are Night Markets at Yiwu?

There are many small commodities selling there like clothes, shoes, belts, jewelry, hats, bags, stationery, furniture, etc. You can almost find all the daily-use items there at a lower price.

Besides, there are also many booths for local snacks, tailor service, nail shops throughout the market. So, you can stop to grab a bite and have a relaxing time during your shopping expedition. 

Now more and more foreign friends or Chinese are attracted by the night market because you can always find something worthwhile there. So, after you finish your business work in the daytime, you can pay a visit to the night market to enjoy some Yiwu entertainment.

2) Tips for Visiting Yiwu Night Markets:

Yiwu is a shopper’s paradise. You have to bargain when you want to buy something. The owner will always ask for a high price at the beginning of some items, so you should equip yourself with the skill for the beginning.

Take care of your pockets or bags. The street will be full of people, so you have to pay attention to your valued belongings.

3) Dinning Options and Yiwu Night Markets

A significant part of Yiwu entertainment is food and you will find many exciting options at the night markets here.

You get to enjou China’s popular snacks at sizzling street food stalls. Moreover, there are also sit-down eateries for more elaborate meals.

The best thing is that you can experience local specialties like skewered lamb kebabs, spicy hotpot, or savory Jianbing (Chinese crepes). Moreover, Vegetarian and international cuisines are also available for every kind of tourist.

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Chapter 2: Yiwu Night Clubs

After one day of exhausting work, you may like to find someplace to refresh yourself and enjoy some night life. So, here we would like to introduce you to some clubs in Yiwu where you can regain your passion.

1) Means Club

Means Club(名仕酒吧)is the most popular club in Yiwu. With decent music, affordable drinks, an elevator-powered T-shaped dance floor, it attracts many foreigners every day. In fact, it is a paradise for young people to enjoy their nightlife.

By the way, if you want to go there, you’d better reserve your seat in advance since it is mostly overbooked.

Address: 4th Floor, International Building, No.218 Binwang Road (宾王路218号国际大厦4楼 )

Opening Hours: 20:30 pm-02:00 am

Telephone: +86 0579-85021199

2) 88 Club

88 club

Opened in December 2009, 88 clubs are covering a whopping 2,500 square meters with blended decoration.

It is another hot club offering Yiwu entertainment. Prices here are cheaper than Means, and, therefore, attract students and younger people more.

Address: ground floor of Yiwu Meihu Sports Center

Opening Hours: 20:00pm-02:00 am

Telephone: +86 135 7597 7593

3) M-Box

M box club night
If you are looking for authentic Chinese experience in Yiwu entertainment city, M-Box is one of the best places for meeting friends.
So, if you are looking for a lively spot with a bit of a home bar feel, then M-box could be your option.
Opening Hours: 20:00pm-02:00 am
Telephone: +86 158 6890 9577

Chapter 3: Yiwu Massage Centers (body massage, foot massage, Spa)

If you don’t want to go to a noisy place like night clubs, then you can also choose to go somewhere else to relax. So, a massage center will be a good choice for you. There are so many massage center in Yiwu and the basic price is ranging from $10 – $25.

You must visit Sun Alian since it is the most popular one in Yiwu with good service and professional massage techniques. Now it has become chain stores after almost twenty years of development.

Here are some outlets for your reference as below so that you can try for your next visit to Yiwu:

  • Store 1
    Address: 4th floor, Building A4, Headquarters Economic Park, Beicun Road(贝村路总部经济园A4栋4楼)
    Telephone: +86 0579-83586555
  • Store 2
    Address: No.19, Building 32, Xingzhong Community(兴中小区32栋19号)
    Telephone: +86 0579-85591222
    Opening Hours: 10:00 am~01:00 pm
  • Store 3
    Address: No.158, Choujiang City Road(稠江城店路158号)
    Telephone: +86 0579-85484151
    Opening Hours: 08:00 am ~02:00 pm

Chapter 4: Hengdian World Studio in Yiwu Entertainment City

Known as the Hollywood of China, Hengdian World Studios covers an area of more than 2,500 acres and it is the largest film and television shooting base in the world. Sometimes it is called “China wood”.

Besides, some buildings inside are full-scale replicas from another famous spot. For example, If you don’t have time to visit Beijing’s Forbidden City, then you can visit the Palace of Ming and Qing instead in Hengdian. It is just a full-scale replica of the Forbidden City.

You may also bump into some familiar scenes when visiting there which you ever saw from movies or TV series. Sometimes, you will even encounter some famous stars who are shooting movies there.

1) Must-visit Places at Hengdian World Studio

Here are some of the places you must pay a visit to when you are at the Hengdian World Studio.

  • Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasty 明清

Here, tourists can explore the recreated sets of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. These depict ancient Chinese architecture, streets, and markets.

  • Dream Valley 梦幻谷

This is an enchanting world of ancient Chinese myths and legends. It offers elaborate sets and scenic landscapes which let visitors explore mythical realms, ancient palaces, and magical gardens inspired by traditional Chinese folklore.

  • The Palace of Emperor Qin 秦皇

Go back in time to the majestic Palace of Emperor Qin. This breathtaking set recreates the grandeur of ancient Chinese imperial architecture with luxurious halls, intricate courtyards, and majestic throne rooms of Emperor Qin’s palace.

2) How to get there?

Hengdian World Studios lies in Dongyang city, about 30 kilometers away from Yiwu.

You can call a taxi to there or you can also choose a tour group and take a group bus, which will save nearly half the whole fee (ticket Price & fare).

3) Tips for Planning your Visit Hengdian World Studio

It’s a good idea to be prepared before you visit Hengdian World Studio since it can take more than a few hours to explore the place.

So, don’t forget to pack some snacks and your water bottle, especially if you are visiting with kids.

Similarly, check the weather conditions prior to your visit. Take along an umbrella and your hat or visor if it’s a hot and sunny day. Moreover, don’t forget to slather on a sunscreen.

Most importantly, buy your tickets in advance. Most entertainment venues there require visitors to purchase tickets. So, making advanced bookings will save you from waiting in long ques.

You can also contact travel agents or sourcing companies to help you arrange tickets and booking for your trip. 

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