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Yiwu City

yiwu city - china yiwu fair

If you are an importer from China then you must be familiar with Yiwu City and Yiwu FairYiwu is a small city based in the Zhejiang province of China; however, in business, it is a very famous city mostly for Asian, Arabic, European, and also USA customers.

Many people will also say that if you have not visited Yiwu city, it means that your tour of China is not completed. Yiwu is also the place of the world’s biggest wholesale market for small commodities.

how to come to yiwu

Recently EJET Business Development Executives visited the “Yiwu Fair” which was held from 21-25 October.

At EJET Sourcing, we always try to visit important fairs throughout China in order to develop new partnerships with suppliers, find new and unique products for our customers and also get a feeling of what’s coming in the future.

Fairs are one of the best ways to meet suppliers face-to-face and create trust and mutual understanding.

We would also like to take you along on the tour and would like to give you an overall idea of what happened in the fair and what interesting products were there.

Yiwu Wholesale Market

Yiwu Wholesale Market is the best place to source products because in one place you can find thousands of suppliers. Yes, literally, thousands of suppliers.

There are around 75000 booths in 5 districts of the market.

yiwu wholesale market - china yiwu fair

It is the largest market in the world and here you can easily find any product that you need. The market is divided into 5 districts covering an area of 4 million square meters for 75,000 booths where 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products.

The products come from around 40 industries and include 2,000 different categories of goods.


Given its size and the variety of booths selling different items, the market is a vast labyrinth.

A photographer documenting the market told CNN: “I spent a total of four days constantly walking around Yiwu Fair and wouldn’t say I got near to seeing all of the stalls.

Why Yiwu Fair

why yiwu fair

Yiwu fair is one of the most influential & effective fairs for daily consumer goods in China and has been held since 1995. The event is approved by the State Council, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China, and other relevant authorities.

Yiwu Fair is one of the largest and most influential commodities fairs in China. It has been honored as one of the

  • Best Management Fairs in China
  • Best Outcome Exhibition
  • Top Ten Exhibitions in China
  • Best Fair sponsored by the Government
  • Most Influential Brand Fairs

This year, the 27th Yiwu Fair included 3,600 International Standard Booth in an Exhibition Area of 100,000m Sq., with over 2000 Quality Exhibitors and over 50,000 Professional Visitors.

Categories in the Fair:

The suppliers from the following categories were present at the Yiwu fair.

  • Hardware
  • Clothing, Hat & Knitwear
  • Handicrafts of Women’s Federation
  • Electromechanical Facilities
  • Sporting Goods and Outdoor Leisure
  • Stationary and Office Goods
  • Toys
  • Daily Necessities
  • Crafts & Ornament
  • Electronic & Electrical Appliances
  • E-Cigarettes/Hookah

There were also booths with Live Video facilities from where the suppliers were performing live streaming for their audiences.

Why EJET Team Visit this Fair and What do we do?

The reason why our team is always visiting such fairs and markets is that at EJET we believe in constantly improving ourselves and our connections. We are working hard to build and sustain a supply chain that can overcome all the challenges of our clients so that we can provide them with high-quality service.

When our team visits any fair, we focus on finding new and unique products for our clients in order to provide our recommendations to them. We also talk with various suppliers and buyers who are at the fair to understand the latest trends and happenings in International Trade. This allows us to develop good relations with the suppliers so that we are able to provide exclusive and economical pricing and service to our prestigious clients.

We always keep updating ourselves through these fairs because if any supplier wants to launch a product, they will usually do it in these fairs. One of our goals is to find winning products and share them with our clients immediately so they can have a first-mover advantage for the fair.

Our multiple teams will spread through the fair so that each and every area is covered, we will walk booth to booth, carefully scanning all the products displayed and if they find something interesting, we will then talk to the suppliers for further details and cooperation.

This is to show our readers how EJET teams work in the background in order to provide the best service and quality products to our customers. That is why if you choose to work with EJET, you can fully trust us and rest assure that you are in good hands.

Video Tour of the Fair:

Pictorial Tour of the Fair:

Now, we will take you on a journey around the fair. We will share various pictures with you so that you can have a good idea of what happened all around the fair. Take it as a story of the fair in form of pictures. Have fun reading and if you like this article, please do share it with your friends who are also interested to buy products from China.

In the early morning our team arrived at the exhibition center which is located in the middle of Yiwu City near the Yiwu Stadium.


We saw various buses lined up outside the fair. These buses are used to bring attendees from nearby cities and from the hotels around Yiwu.

 china yiwu fair

This is the entrance to the fair from where all the attendees need to walk through and turn towards the right side to enter the fair. There was also another fair being held towards the left side.

expo map

This is the layout of the fair which is very important to study before you visit any fair. We also saw this layout on a board in the entrance of the fair, so you must carefully go through it and identify which places you need to go in order to save your time.

the enterance

Once we walk inside the building A, we found booths to register. There were separate booths for both the Domestic buyers and also the foreign buyers. Once you register you have to walk straight through the security gate and scan the QR code on the invitation card to enter.

self service

buyers from overseas


Now we have entered the fair, you can see various booths of different products and many interested buyers going around the fair and checking products as well as talking with the suppliers to get more details.



These are the kids study table and can be easily folded into a very compact and portable size. Some of them were also painted with the cartoon themes which we are sure that kids will love.


Here you can see some Chinese buyers talking with the supplier. There were also many domestic sellers who visited the fair in order to find products they need. This supplier specially focused on the products for indoor exercises. Such items are a very good sell during Covid19 pandemic.

kitchen products

ejet team

One of our Business Development Executive, Mr. Bob, is checking the products at the fair. It is very important for us to make sure that we only work with the best suppliers and choose the right products for our customers. That is why our team will spend a lot of time to find the high quality products for our clients.


We loved to talk a walk at this part of fair as all the booths were so colorful and fully loaded with various products. This is the toys and gift items section which had much different variety of products.

We found suppliers dealing in paper products. They have various kinds of paper products use to make various products. You can see that the best part of these fairs is that you can even check the samples at the same time and also understand the quality of the product.

There were also many suppliers showcasing kitchen products. In fact Yiwu is one of the best places to source kitchen products from as the prices are really competitive.

But it is very important that you are able to find good quality products as well, because low quality products might be very cheap but overall cannot be good for the business in long run.

This is an interesting product we found at the fair. A convenient and compact way to keep your eggs neat and tidy and readily available to grab and cook whenever you want. There were also other products with similar designs that can hold various products in similar fashion.

Ladies handbags are a famous item with females and always a trending product as they keep on changing in design, color and styles. We also found various suppliers dealing with high quality ladies handbags.

If you need any such products to import from China, please let us know and our team will help you source them from China.

Have you ever felt tired when walking in a park, hiking, going on mountains, taking the underground subway and you wanted to have rest but cannot find any place to sit. Well, the product we are showing today solves the exact same problem.

It is a portable and lightweight stool that opens and folds in seconds. It also supports weight up to 350lbs and uses a fish scale structure for support. It’s made of PP material and weighs about 1.9lbs including the packaging.

If you need more details and want to buy this product in bulk from China, feel free to contact EJET.

Now Let’s have a look at some more booths and see what other product were present at the fair.

bai sidi wei

Products for leisure activities which can be used for the outdoor activities and were getting a lot of attention from the visitors at the fair. Let us know if you like these or do you want our team to find more similar items for you and develop a catalog for you.

Once again one of our team members, Mr. Bob, is inspecting a product at the booth. These products are very famous in countries with natural beaches and people want to enjoy more outdoor activities now than ever, as many countries are easing the lockdown restrictions.

This booth had various kinds of telescopes from small to big to mega size. He had binoculars and telescopes at every price range. If you like to watch stars, he even had high end professional telescopes at the booth.

One interesting thing we found at the fair is many suppliers using green screen and doing live video streaming to show their products to online attendees of the event.

Due to the border restrictions, this is one of the best ways to find more and more customers. Suppliers are moving towards live streaming to grab attention of overseas customers.

china yiwu fair

A new thing we found is that the fair also had this special box style live streaming studios where suppliers were showing their products online. It’s a very interesting concept and we believe that you will see this in all the future fairs because now fairs are being held both online and offline.

china yiwu fair

china yiwu fair

Here you can also see a girl showcasing the products of the company. We can see the ring light and the mobile phone, which again shows how much importance is being given to online overseas customers.

The benefit of this is that you can also record such videos for future use. We like this booth as they made custom table tops in order to showcase the different features of their products.

china yiwu fair

Finally, after finishing the tour, our team headed back down ready the leave with a lot of new products, knowledge, and new cooperation with suppliers. We hope to return back to the Yiwu fair next year and we really hope that you can also join us at the fair.

china yiwu fair

We would like to thank you for reading the article and once again would let you know that EJET Sourcing is here for you to help you with all your buying needs.

Whatever products you need, we will take care of the entire process for you. Our expert team has helped thousands of customers for past 15 years therefore with our experience,