Do you know where to go for a Yiwu massage?

Chinese massages have been known to be very beneficial in many ways. From Chinese massage, you will find out many benefits, such as releasing the stress, relieving muscle pain and soon.

Those advantages become the reason for those clients always try to find a famous and good massage place to relax themselves.

Therefore, this blog would serve as your complete guide on how you can find the best massage places in Yiwu, where you can visit for buying wholesale for your business and traveling. From this blog, you will understand:

  • Where should you go for an enjoyable massage
  • The best massage categories in Yiwu

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Top 8 Places You Must Visit to Get Yiwu Massage

Chapter 2: What Makes Chinese Massage Famous All Over the World?

Chapter 3: 10 Different Kinds of Yiwu Massage

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions About Yiwu Massage

Chapter 1: Top 8 Places You Must Visit to Get Yiwu Massage

Nowadays, there are lots of places that provide massage services in Yiwu. A good SPA shop can help you in relaxing yourself from busy life, and the industry is exploding in Yiwu city.

You can see many large Yiwu massage shops in the different districts of this city, they offer customers a full set of massage services.

Here are the SPA shops and Hotel SPA which provide top massage services in Yiwu:

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1. Yiwu Sunny Lotus


Since its establishment in 1998, Sunny Lotus has been working intensively for 20 years and is famous in Yiwu for its superb technician skills. They offer massage services with a quiet and personal movie theater.

Since 2008, Sunny Lotus focus on sub-health care services, now has become one of the well-known professional health chain institutions in Zhejiang Province.  At present, Sunny Lotus has opened 7 stores in Yiwu, among them, Chengdian Road store is its main store.

Every technicians in Sunny Lotus have finished professional training, examination and became the certificated technicians in the SPA.

These technicians provide professional massage services, such as oil SPA, whole body massage, foot bath, meridian scraping, cupping and other various kinds of Chinese massage.


In general, a spa treatment at Sunny Lotus Yiwu China will help you relax, revitalize your body, and reduce stress. You can book a massage therapy session either on a one-to-one basis with a local masseur or on an hourly basis using the services provided by the various spas located around the city.

 Its service average price at 209 yuan. For those customers who asking for a normal massage, they need to pay 179 yuan (equal to 28 dollars) for the service. And a full-set massage services are also provided by Sunny Lotus which is marked 319 yuan (equal to 50 dollars) as its price.

If you want to experience Sunny Lotus’s service, you’d better first check the shop’s homepage in or, and find the technician with the highest praise. When you arrive at the store, you can designate the technician to be at your service.

  • Customer Reviews:


  • SPA Shop Information:

Address : No. 158 Cheng Dian Road, Chou Cheng District, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China/义乌市稠城街道城店路158号 (Main store, Chengdian Road store)

4 / F, Yuye Building, No. 877, Chengbei Road, Yiwu City/ 义乌市城北路877号宇业大厦4楼(Financial Town Store)

Room 401, No.2, North Workers Road, Choucheng Street, Yiwu City/义乌市稠城街道工人北路2号401室 (Yihe Store)

2 / F, Building 3B, Danxijin Street, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City/义乌市北苑街道丹溪金街3B幢2层 (Beiyuan Store)

4 / F, Building A4, No.943 Yiwu Headquarter Economic Park, Bei Cun Road, Yiwu City/义乌贝村路973义乌总部经济园A4幢4层 (Wanda Yueran Store)

No. 1, Building 56, Changchun Second District, Yiwu City/义乌市长春二区56幢1号 (Changchun Store)

No.41, Building 21, Xingzhong Community, Choucheng Street, Yiwu City/义乌市稠城街道兴中小区21幢41号 (Xingzhong Store)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00 – 01:00

Store Name Tel
Main store, Chengdian Road store +86 579 8548 4151
Financial Town Store +86 579 8345 6888
Yihe Store +86 579 83451777
Beiyuan Store +86 579 8345 1666
Wanda Yueran Store +86  579 8358 6555
Changchun Store +86 579 8506 1333

Check the 360 View Sunny Lotus

2. Yiwu Mingyuan Health Management

Mingyuan Health Management is a collection of foot massage, massage, SPA and other leisure and entertainment club, located in the bustling area of Yiwu, has become the best choice for many business people to relax themselves.


The company is founded in 2011, which provides Chinese medicine health care, health preservation and conditioning services.

Mingyuan Health Management currently has three direct-sale stores in Yiwu, including Binwang Commercial Zone store, Futian store and Danbei store, and the average price of its massage service is 171 yuan.

The store specializes in three types of massage services, including foot bath, massage and SPA. Each service has a corresponding professional area, which offers single, double or multiple seats for the different needs of the customers.

The most distinctive massage that Mingyuan Health Management provides is moxa-wool moxibustion lamp, which can carry out targeted moxibustion on human body parts to ease you from long-term rheumatic and arthritic illnesses.

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  • SPA Shop Information:

Address: No. 641, Danxi North Road, Beiyuan District, Yiwu City, China/义乌市丹溪北路641号 (Danbei Store)

3 / F, Fuguo Building, No. 966, Workers North Road, Yiwu City, China/义乌市工人北路966号富国大厦3楼 (Futian Store)

No. 61, 7th Street, Binwang Commercial Zone, Yiwu City, China/义乌市宾王商贸区七街61号 (Binwang Commercial Zone Store)

TEL: 0579-85496666 (Danbei Store)

0579-85493333 (Futian Store)

0579-85250222 (Binwang Commercial Zone Store)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00-02:00

Check the 360 View Mingyuan Health Management 

3. Thai Inshore Spa


Thai Inshore Spa is a professional Thai massage and health store, it has stores in many cities in China including Beijing, and also in Yiwu Binwang Commercial Zone.

The store provides 5 kinds of massage services, including Chinese massage, SPA, Chinese Naturopathic medicine medical conditioning and Thai massage.

One of the features of Thai Inshore Spa is that it provides authentic Thai massage service, you only need to pay 348 yuan, you can enjoy a full range of Thai massage service in the store.

Consumers are also very satisfied with the Thai massage offered by them, saying the shop is in a good environment and the technicians are professional.

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  • SPA Shop Information:

Address: No. 42, 7th Street, Binwang Commercial Zone, Yiwu City, China/义乌市宾王商贸区七街42号

TEL: 0579-89888880

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00-2:00

Check the 360 View of Thai Inshore Spa

4. Yiwu Solus Coolbaby

As one of the most famous SPAs and treatment places in Yiwu, Solus Coolbaby provides foot therapy, massage, aroma spa, and many different kinds of spa services.


Solus Coolbaby’s service starts as soon as you arrive in front of the store. If you are coming by car, there is a man who stand in front of the main door who can help you parking your car.

When you walk into the store, a professional service staff will ask you what kind of service you are coming to experience this time, and lead you to the corresponding floor, and each floor has a corresponding staff to serve you.

If you visit Solus Coolbaby, you can not only enjoy the massage but also every room has home-theater equipment, such as audio and projector.

And you can order different food if you are hungry, the tea will be served to you once you arrived at the room.

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  • SPA Shop Information:

Address: No. 232, Jingfa Avenue, Chengxi Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China/义乌市经发大道232号 (Jingfa Store)

No.155 Wangdao Road,  Chengxi Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China/义乌市望道路155号 (Beiyuan Store)

TEL: +86 579 8635 0999  (Jingfa Store)

+86 579 83810999 (Beiyuan Store)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00-01:00

5. Jing Xiu Hui massage club in Yiwu


Jing Xiu Hui is one of the most famous large massage clubs in Yiwu, which provides different massage services include foot massage, SPA, sauna, Thai massage, medicine physics and so on.

If you are finding a place for having a relax, you can come to Jing Xiu Hui to experience the one-to-one scrub and sauna servicee, which is the cheapest service in the shop, costing only 98 yuan for a single person. If you want further massage and SPA services, you’ll have to pay a higher price.

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  • SPA Shop Information:

Address: No. 99, 7th Street, Binwang Commercial Zone, Yiwu City, China/宾王商贸区7街99号(Binwang Commercial Zone store)

No. 123, Beicun Road, Yiwu, China/贝村路123号(Beicun store)

TEL: 0579-85500808 (Binwang Commercial Zone store)

0579-85138080 (Beicun store)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00-01:30

Check the 360 View of  Jing Xiu Hui 

6. Shangri La SPA in Yiwu


Shangri La SPA provides customers with Chinese style SPA and massage services, among which the most characteristic is Shangri La Qi(氣) SPA.

According to the concept of the five elements, the experts have designed a variety of special therapies, combining the principles of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and the harmony of Yin and Yang.

So they can blend the qi and water of Yin and Yang in their bodies and reach the best state of energy.

The philosophy of Shangri-La Qi SPA is based on a combination of exercise, stretching, massage, hydrotherapy, and spiritual movement in relaxation and meditation of the body.

In addition, the Qi SPA also has private care suites where guests can relax while enjoying personalized massages, facials, body wraps, and other treatments.

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  • SPA Shop Information:

Address: Room 701, No. 6-8, Futian Road, Futian District, Yiwu, China/福田街道福田路6-8号701室

TEL: 0579-81518899

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 13:00-24:00

Check the 360 View of Shangri La SPA

7. Fannlsi SPA


Fannlsi is the representative health and wellness place in Yiwu. Founded in 2008, this company integrates health and wellness, hot spring, hotel, entertainment, leisure and other services.

All related companies and stores are managed by the headquarters of Fannlsi to improve the quality of service.

Fannlsi provides massage services including foot path, Chinese medicine therapy, SPA, ear picking and so on.

At present, Fannlsi has more than 10 stores in China, among which there are two stores, Beicun store and Futian store in Yiwu.

  • Customer Reviews:


  • SPA Shop Information:

Address: No.222, Jingfa Avenue, Yiwu, China/经发大道222号(Beicun store)

No.770, Workers North Road, Yiwu, China/工人北路770号(Futian store)

TEL: 0579-83805688 (Beicun store)

0579-83809566 (Futian store)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30-01:30

Check the 360 View of Fannlsi SPA

8. Qing Yun Long Hai


Qing Yun Long Hai is a well-known foot treatment & SPA shop, they treat their clients with care and respect at all times.

The massage therapists here are some of the best in the industry, and they work to ensure that every person who steps through their doors has a truly wonderful experience.

There are many different types of treatment that can be had here, and they are able to customize their services for any customer’s needs and wants.

Their dragon treatment uses traditional Chinese medicine along with modern technology to ensure a speedy and effective treatment.

The marked price of basic foot massage in Qing Yun Long Hai is 99 yuan (equal to 15.5 dollars). A full-set massage needs 339 yuan (equal to 53 dollars) in the place while a basic SPA needs 389 yuan (equal to 61 dollars).

  • SPA Shop Information:

Address: No. 1068, North Gongren Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China/义乌市工人北路1068号

TEL: +86 579 8995 6666

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, all day long

Check the 360 View of  Qing Yun Long Hai 

Chapter 2: What Makes Chinese Massage Famous All Over the World?

1.Long History of Chinese Massage – Origin and Development of Traditional Chinese Massage

In China, traditional massages have a long and glorious history. Massage is first documented in the Shang Dynasty, between the 17th and 11th centuries BC. Later, Zhang Zhongjing popularized ointment in massages as a type of medicine and healing (AD 150-219).


Massage emerged as a form of clinical therapy during the Sui and Tang dynasties (AD 581-907). In the Sui Dynasty, there was a professional title called erudite for massage, which is a kind of physician who was work for the imperial family.

This occupation became more systematized during the Tang dynasty. The study courses about massage were offered firstly at that time. There was a professional massage department, which contained 16 massage workers.


Since then, massage professionals passed on their expertise from generation to generation. Along more and more massage methods were developed, such as infantile massage, resulting in modern-day methods of Chinese massage.

In addition, injuries sustained during military engagements fueled interest in massage, and masseuses began strengthening their bodies via martial arts practice.

Although the massage department was no longer set up in the Imperial Academy of Medicine of the Qing Dynasty, the massage in folk still developed a lot at that time.

There are more than 20 monographs about Chinese massage were published, which summarized the theories and clinical information of massage during that period.

Yet, since 1949, because of the People Republic of China established, the government attached importance to the traditional Chinese culture. That is the reason why massage has re-established itself as a prominent type of medicine and treatment at that time.

In the 1950s, massage schools, training classes, massage specialist hospitals ans clinics were set up all over the country, and it is now taught in schools

2.What A Chinese Massage Therapist Can and Can’t Tell About Your Body

There is widespread medical massage in China, even in hospitals. Most Chinese physicians are required to use procedures such as tuina (massotherapy), moxibustion, and cupping in the massage salon.

People here can just go to the facility to have a Chinese medicine massage, where they are likely to address a particular ailment such as hip aching. In addition, many of those who do probably are local, so they may utilize their social insurance, which makes massage for them free.


Most Yiwu massage places also offer such services, except for ‘sub-medical therapy’ that only a doctor can provide. So a customer would come here for a better experience and relaxation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) impacts many of the ways that massage.

For example, therapists usually massage from top to bottom since the jingluo (meridian) is always working in the body, starting from the top meridian in the head (baihuixue, tap), all the way to the ultimate end of the longest meridian.

The body may give me some indicators of what is distressing to specific clients.

For example, Massage therapists know that you may have sleep difficulty at night if you feel a few little lumps or nodes in your neck and shoulder. They also understand that people occasionally feel dizzy or even have headaches.

3. SPA Etiquette in China

It is a truly wonderful treatment to get into a spa in Yiwu. Massage parlors and spas are widely available in the hotel and SPA which mentioned above.

There are also various premium alternatives available include some small-scale business which serve locals and visitors alike.


Some see China as a challenging destination for first-time visitors because they are unaware of customs and etiquette.

Don’t be afraid! Knowing how to behave or anticipate before going to the spa allows you to ease your mind because you can focus on a specific at hand.

Here are the spa etiquette you need to observe when having massage therapy:

  • Booking Reservation

You don’t always have to book in advance depends what type of spa you are going to. When you’re on a market or strolling tour in Yiwu where reflexology takes place (there will be a large poster of a foot on the front sign).

You may simply get the treatment for an hour without reserving it in advance. It is recommended to book in advance at hotel spas and renowned location chains.

  • Bathhouse Etiquette

You’ll put your clothes in a locker and then go to a bathroom to wash off the unpleasant day. In certain bathhouses and hot springs, cleanliness is monitored closely.

Then head to the numerous soaking pools, steam rooms, and scrub rooms. A naked body would not be unpleasant, and you will adapt soon. Visitors can wear cotton pajamas for public places.

Many English-language spa websites offer guidelines and commonly asked questions. Learn everything you can about your spa trip, and come to the spa early to ask any questions.

  • Clothing at the Massage Spa

Should you disrobe entirely in a spa? The answer is situational depends. Most Yiwu massages, such as foot massage and traditional massage, are performed in pajamas in small spas like Dragonfly or neighborhood establishments.

Spa attire should suit Westerners, so you have nothing to worry about. However, in general, if it’s a local business, and you’re a large person, then you should first confirm that the clothing will fit before removing your clothes.

When you first arrive at your therapy appointment, your therapist will guide you to your treatment room and point out where you should be changing, and what clothing they want you to wear.

If you can’t find it, look around the room and be sure to take note of everything you see. If you have any queries, don’t be afraid to ask.

Chapter 3: 10 Different Kinds of Yiwu Massage


1. ‘Tui na’ (Chinese Massage)

Tui Na massage is a popular form of Chinese massage that originated in coastal regions of China and has been practiced there for over three thousand years.

This massage technique aims to relax and promote blood circulation by using gentle strokes, movements, and stretching techniques. This massage technique aims to relieve stress by encouraging energy flow throughout the body and reducing fatigue, pain, or tightness.

When performing the tui na massage, one must apply gentle pressure to the muscles of the shoulder blade, neck, back, hips and buttocks. Specific problem areas will need to be treated individually.

This therapy works well for people experiencing a tight, knotty feeling in their muscles or persistent muscle spasm.

However, if the condition’s cause is an injury or illness, then the massage may have little benefit and should be scheduled in consultation with a licensed massage therapist. If the treatment is performed incorrectly, it could produce adverse effects.

2. ‘Zhi Ya’ (Acupressure)


Zhi Ya Chinese massage is a traditional Chinese medicine that originated in Fujian province. The Zhi Ya developed by the Southern Chinese in Fujian province, which is a natural and holistic approach to health and well-being.

Zhi Ya has evolved from acupoint therapy that existed in China for more than one thousand years.

It works because the massagist let your body relax by pressing your acupoint. The massagist try to dredge the channels of your body to relieve your from fatigue and pain.

The Zhi Ya technique aims to restore energy imbalances and promotes body health and well-being.

In addition, this technique aims to improve overall health and eliminate or at least prevent various ailments like pain and inflammation, poor circulation, headaches, insomnia, and constipation.

3. Chinese Foot Massage

Footbath treatment originated in China more than 3,000 years ago, it is a therapy that serves without any medicine.

The debris and toxins in the human body are easily deposited in the feet due to the action of gravity, and the deposited toxins are easy to cause poor blood circulation in the feet.

Therefore, regular foot massage can help break down these toxins and relieve pain in the lower limbs.


There are thousands of nerves in your foot, and through effectively stimulate the reflex area of the foot, foot massage can adjust the functions of the corresponding tissues and organs.

4. Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is one form of therapy used for treating aches, pains, and fissures in the body. It was created as a method of healing in ancient China.

In ancient times, cupping therapy was used to treat such medical conditions as toothaches, skin diseases, ulcers, abscesses, ear infections, heartburn, colds, flu, and even an overall system treatment to boost the immune system and prevent disease.


5. Gua Sha Treatment (Scraping Therapy)

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation.

This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi is energy that flows through the body. People also believe that qi can become blocked, causing pain or tension in the muscles and joints.

Gua sha aims to move this blocked energy to relieve aches or stiffness. Traditional East Asian medicine also views blood stasis or stagnation as a cause of pain and illness. Another aim of gua sha is to move pooled or stagnated blood to relieve symptoms.

6. High wire foot kidney treatment

High wire foot kidney treatment has been popularized for the treatment of painful kidney disease.

Many Chinese herbal practitioners and kidney disease specialists use acupuncture To deal with kidney disease. The practice is becoming increasingly popular even across the United States.

High wire foot kidney treatment is often performed in Yiwu massage parlors. Since there are very few medical facilities available in China that specialize in kidney treatment, patients often have to travel great distances to receive a high-quality kidney treatment.


Since acupuncture originated in ancient China more than 5000 years ago, it has proven highly beneficial to individuals’ medical and holistic health. Its main goal is to unblock the chi (the energy flowing through all of us) to help the body heal itself naturally.

The goal of kidney care, kidney treatment, etc., is to promote healthy chi circulation and prevent further blockage.

In addition, many of the herbs and plants used in acupuncture are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for overall body health.

7. Blind Person Traditional Chinese Massage

Chinese Blind Person Massage is one of the most popular forms of traditional Chinese massage therapy. The term “blind person” literally translates to “deprived of sight”, and this technique is usually practiced by masseurs who are visually impaired.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds. The idea of a blind person receiving a traditional Chinese massage is very intriguing, but they need to have complete confidence in both their massage skills and their masseuse.

There are many different types of Chinese massages and many different ways to perform them. The standard version of a traditional Chinese massage involves both hands (masseuses use both thumbs and palms to knead the muscles).

However, several versions of cupping, rolling, pressing, squeezing, and much more massage techniques are also the characteristics of the Chinese massage .

8. European Meridian Detox

The European Meridian Detox is a fast and effective way to get rid of your toxins, as well as your excess weight. According to a widespread review of the European Detox Massage, it has a high success rate compared to other detox diets.


According to this review, European Meridian Detox was initially designed for people suffering from digestion problems and body fat.

However, this program allows anyone who wants to cleanse their body of impurities and unwanted parasites.

European Meridian Detox may clean the blood, balance of yin and yang, condition the liver, encourage metabolism, achieve physical fitness, strengthen resistance to sickness, aging, health, and longevity for the theoretical goals of the Chinese medicine approach—rubber, holding, rolling, playing, Moldovan, and others.

9. Thai Massage

In western countries, Thai Massage is becoming increasingly popular. Thai massage is similar to traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, Reiki, and Tai Chi.

It involves applying pressure through kneading, slapping, and tapping various muscles and connective tissues using both hands and feet. Some therapists use Thai massage to address specific injuries or chronic pain.


When Thai massage is performed on a client in a private room or spa setting, the client lies on a massage table with their legs propped up on blocks while the therapist uses their hands and feet to gently work their way down the length of the body.

If the recipient of Thai massage is pregnant, a licensed therapist must perform this technique as it could be dangerous for her unborn child.

A licensed therapist should also be well versed in the safe use of ultrasound machines and other equipment.

The client may be required to remove any clothes they are wearing during the session and lie down on a massage table.

If possible, it is advised that the client remain nude to minimize the possibility of overheating.

10. Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are a series of soft tissue manipulation and body heating, which effectively relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and promote well-being.

There are many health benefits associated with this massage technique. It helps relax the muscles, thereby promoting better flexibility, reducing pain and stress levels, and improving body posture.


Swedish massage in Yiwu, China, is very famous because of the incredible health benefits it enjoys and offers. This massage technique was introduced by the Swedish doctors to Yiwu city.

After that, the technique gradually spread to other parts of China and different countries like the United States, Russia, India, France, United Kingdom, etc.

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions About Yiwu Massage


1. What are the Benefits of Getting a Chinese Massage in Yiwu?

Chinese massages have proved to be highly beneficial and helpful in stress relief, muscle pain relief, joint pain relief, fertility of women, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, improving eyesight, and many more.

Among other benefits of Chinese massage are the following:

  • Renewed energy and strength from Massage
  • Better cardiovascular flow
  • Diminished lower back pain
  • Lowered hypertension
  • Relieved rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Healthier organ function from Massage
  • Better sleep from Massage
  • Positive hormone release
  • Improved respiration and circulation from Massage
  • Released lactic acid buildups for decreased soreness in muscles

2. What is the Cost of Yiwu Massage

Massage can release your fatigue of all day. There are many Massage salon, or spa hotels in Yiwu, and the price of basic foot massage is between 60-130RMB ($10-$20).

The price is higher for spa hotels as they give luxurious treatments to their clients.  You can book for reservation in advance and check the rates of their different massage services.

3. What are spa hotels in Yiwu China?

On-site spas at spa hotels in Yiwu include services such as couples massages and a variety of body treatments.

For the utmost in luxury, some hotels also offer a variety of in-room treatments. Rest, reinvigoration, and comfort are all excellent reasons to stay at a spa hotel.

4. How many spa hotels are there in Yiwu?

As reported in Expedia, almost 24 Expedia has 24 spa hotels to choose from in Yiwu China.

5. What are the do’s and don’ts in massage in Yiwu?

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when you try Yiwu massage:

  • Choose the right type of your massage and the pressure ( light, moderate, heavy)
  • Don’t eat too much before your massage therapy
  • Be on time on your therapy session
  • Don’t cancel your massage therapy last minute
  • Ensure proper hygiene before your massage therapy
  • Don’t take massage session if you’re not feeling well
  • Don’t forget to turn off your phone or put it in silent mode


There are many service providers that can provide different types of massages in Yiwu. For example, shiatsu, acupressure and even Swedish massage can be found in Yiwu, they serve massage depending upon the seniority of the person getting the treatment.

You can also book a tour to take you across the different scenic spots in Yiwu China.

There is nothing like being taken completely by the hands, and the massage therapist will never let you down. For an experience that is incomparable, don’t think twice, book a service and have a browse through the many types of massages in Yiwu China today!