Buy from Yiwu Wholesale Markets: 3 Advantages

Yiwu is known to the world as the capital of small commodities. Yiwu international trade city, also called Yiwu Futian market, is the largest market in the world. Its scale is so unimaginable that it will take you one year wandering in the market if you stay for 3 minutes in each shop. Every year, Yiwu attracts over 550,000 visitors from 210 countries.

Permanent Fair

Yiwu wholesale markets open all year-round except for the Chinese New Year. Over 1.8 million types of commodities are exhibited, you will find any small product you could think of.

Plan to Yiwu Market

Lower MOQ

Yiwu Market is friendly to small businesses. Small trial orders are accepted. You can also consolidate different products into one container to reduce the shipping cost.

Need Buying Service

Cheaper Price

Shops in the Yiwu wholesale markets are supported by self-owned factories. Shops selling the same products are gathered together so that suppliers offer the best price to attract customers.